A Dish of Adharma is the second episode of Houdini & Doyle (TV Series).

Synopsys Edit

Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate another unusual case. A 12-year-old boy shoots a prominent suffragette, claiming that he is avenging his own murder - in a past life.

Cast Edit

Main CastEdit

Guest castEdit

  • Stuart Adams as W.B. Yeats
  • Sian Breckin as Margery McGuire
  • Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle
  • Stephen Colledge as Protestor
  • Shane Crehan as Claude Debussy
  • Angela Curran as Vera
  • Jennifer Day as Funeral Attendee
  • Laura Fraser as Lydia Belworth
  • Samuel Joslin as Peter Bennett
  • Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle
  • Matt Lanigan as Frank Bennett
  • Ruth Lass as Clara Bennett
  • Andrea Lowe as Beatrice Upton
  • Phil Nice as Reverend Gilby

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