In Manus Dei is the third episode of Houdini & Doyle (TV Series).

Synopsys Edit

At a public display by a faith healer, a heckler in the crowd is mysteriously struck down. Houdini and Doyle investigate if the healer is channelling the power of God as he claims, and if so can he help Doyle's dying wife?

Cast Edit

Rebecca Liddiard ... Adelaide Stratton
Stephen Mangan ... Arthur Conan Doyle
Michael Weston ... Harry Houdini
Adam Nagaitis ... George Gudgett
Andrew Bridgmont ... Dr. Perlow
Neil Broome ... The Coughing Man
Emily Carey ... Mary Conan Doyle
CarneyPat ... Upper class gent
Paddy C. Courtney ... Mr. Gaines
Jennifer Day ... Mourner
Louise Delamere ... Touie Doyle
Michael Dickins ... Street Robber
Marshall Griffin ... Security Guard
Amy Huberman ... Mrs. Anne Batch
Noah Jupe ... Kingsley Conan Doyle
Tim McInnerny ... Horace Merring
Enuka Okuma ... Jane Downey
Jerry-Jane Pears ... Florrie
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett ... Elias Downey
Richard Price ... Houdini Stage Hand (uncredited)

Gallery Edit

Promotional Edit

Supernatural Lore Edit

Miraculous Healing

Trivia Edit

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