Season One of Houdini & Doyle started 13 March 2016 on ITV and consist of ten episodes involving the bizarre trio formed by detective fiction writer Arthur Conan Doyle, stage magician Harry Houdini and constable Adelaide Stratton solving mysterious crime which seem shreeded by supernatural mists.

Episodes Edit

No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
The Maggies Redress
"The Maggie's Redress" David Hoselton
David N. Titcher
Stephen Hopkins 13 March 2016
Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate the murder of a nun in one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries.
A Dish of Adharma
"A Dish of Adharma" David Hoselton Stephen Hopkins 17 March 2016
Claiming he’s avenging a murder – his own murder in a past life – a 12-year-old boy shoots a prominent suffragette.
In Manus Dei
"In Manus Dei" Melissa R. Byer
Treena Hancock
Daniel O'Hara 24 March 2016
When a heckler is mysteriously struck down at a faith healer’s show, the team investigates whether the healer is truly channeling the power of God.
Spring-Heel'd Jack
"Spring-Heel'd Jack" Carl Binder Daniel O'Hara 31 March 2016
A mysterious flying panthom is killing people at night in London.
The Curse of Korzha
"The Curse of Korzha" Josh Brandon Edward Bazalgette 7 April 2016
The medium Madame Korzha led to discovery of kidnapped girls but the trio is not convinced by the spirit behind the psychic.
The Monsters of Nethermoor
"The Monsters of Nethermoor" Nazrin Choudhury Edward Bazalgette 14 April 2016
What seems to be an alien invasion in the country led Houdini, Doyle and constable Stratton to investigate.
"Bedlam" David N. Titcher Robert Lieberman 21 April 2016
Doyle most terrible fear may become true when he's recovered at Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as Bedlam, a hideous psychiatric hospital in London.
"Strigoi" Carl Binder Robert Lieberman 28 April 2016
When the housemaid of Doyle's old friend Bram Stoker is murdered with a stake through the heart, suspicions arise that Stoker may either be the killer...or a vampire.
"Necromanteion" Melissa R. Byer
Treena Hancock
Jeff Renfroe 5 May 2016
While Houdini visits New York to bury his mother, Doyle and Adelaide investigate a murderous poltergeist in Canada, encountering Thomas Edison with his newest invention, the Necrophone, a device for communicating with the dead.
"The Pall of LaPier" David Hoselton Jeff Renfroe 12 May 2016
The trio investigate a small town where almost everyone died simultaneously with no visible cause. However Adelaide is distracted by the revelation that her husband faked his death, while Houdini continues to see his mother's ghost, and fears he is going mad

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